PPS For Professionals

Mutuality for the greater good, of all of us.

At the start of 2023, we asked ourselves how we, as a Group, could deliver on our promise of mutuality even better for every single individual within PPS as a collective. Our 2023 Financial Results are the answer to this question; a reflection of the past year’s efforts and ongoing commitment to world-class innovation, future-proof sustainability and industry-leading service delivery.


N$206.5 million
gross benefits
paid to
our members.

That's mutuality
for the greater good
of our country's health,
infrastruture, economy
and future.

As we look ahead, rest assured that
PPS Namibia remains dedicated to
safeguarding your dreams and aspirations.
Together, we will navigate the future with
resilience and strength."

Johan van der Westhuizen
Chief Executive: PPS Namibia

N$226.2 million
in total annual
allocations shared
with our members.

It's greater than a degree.
It's being the first in a family to graduate, own a home and build a business, but not the last.

Why Join PPS?

Unlike most financial services providers in Namibia, PPS Namibia is not listed on the stock exchange and has no external shareholders – instead, PPS Namibia operates under the ethos of mutuality and all returns are allocated to PPS members with qualifying products on an annual basis by way of allocations to their notional PPS Profit-Share Accounts™.