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Name withheld to protect the privacy

A. M., Pharmacist

In March this year my husband and I went on our dream holiday - three weeks in the Botswana bush. We travelled from the most remote areas of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to the beautiful Okavango River in the far north.

Disaster struck on the second last day of our holiday - something (an insect or plant material, we are still not sure) perforated my right cornea. A pseudomonas infection started brewing almost immediately; we realised that I was in trouble and embarked on the journey back home as fast as we could.

A day later we reached the Eye Institute in Pretoria. I was admitted and treatment started immediately. A week later, doctors tried to plug the perforations in the cornea, without success. An emergency cornea transplant took place on 6 April. Then I developed glaucoma. Shortly after this, my body started rejecting my new cornea and immunosuppressive therapy was needed. As if all of this was not enough, soon thereafter I developed another complication - my eye was forming an extra chamber - apparently a very rare condition requiring more surgery.

I have only 12% vision in my left eye which is barely enough to function. I had no vision in my transplant eye for weeks. Life was pretty tough. Yet, there were so many things that we were and are incredibly grateful for. One of those things is PPS.

All claims were dealt with in a professional and efficient manner. Payments were made promptly. Even though we had so many expenses and special needs that we had to deal with, thanks to PPS we were able to meet all the demands.

There are not enough words available to convey my gratitude to PPS. Your financial support and assistance is appreciated so much.

PPS testimonials
FW Lehmann

PPS Member

I joined PPS when I was young and healthy, shortly after I graduated with my second degree. Never have I thought at that stage that one day I would need any benefits.

It is good to know that PPS was there to help me out, during this difficult stage of my life. If I could give advice to young people, it would be: "Join PPS, even if you think you would never need it!"

PPS testimonials
SP Botha

PPS Member

I suffered a stroke two years ago that left me permanently disabled and unable to perform my work profession. Although I encountered some usual administrative hiccups, I can only sing PPS praises when it comes to the assistance and cooperation that I received over the last 26 months.

I have been a PPS member for the last 30 years and this is my third illness. Over this period, I have received nothing but compassion and assistance from PPS. Not to mention that every single time I had a complaint, the issue was resolved within a couple of days.

I would like to thank PPS and their staff for the outstanding support at very reasonable premiums.

PPS testimonials
Francois Erasmus

Windhoek Attorney and PPS Member

"I have been practicing as an Attorney in Windhoek, Namibia for almost 20 years. At the age of 45 my practice was thriving and my personal life was as fulfilling. Then, without any warning, I suffered a severe heart attack. This was one of the most difficult times that I have ever been faced with, knowing that my family is financially dependent on me and being unsure about how long I would be unable to work.

Thanks to the PPS Professional Health Preserver* I have had peace of mind knowing that I have sufficient funding for the necessary lifestyle adjustment my family and I needed to make. I not only received a lump sum benefit, but the care and service of the PPS personnel was exceptional!"

* Disclaimer: Professional Health Preserver has been replaced by Critical illness cover.

PPS testimonials
Dr Tony Saner

PPS and Profmed Member

"As a young GP with a wife and three small children, I had just completed my DA exams and decided to take some time out, before my oral exam. I was enjoying time with my children in the garden and thought I would replace the rope on the Tarzan swing. I put a ladder against the trunk of the old deodar tree and climbed up onto the high branch. I was testing the old rope to see how frayed it was by pulling on it; I lost my balance. The next minute I did a reverse press-up onto the bricks below, from seven metres up! I narrowly missed a child and a metal table! Not only did I dislocate and break both my elbows, but I also displaced the bones in my feet and gashed open my head. My partner rushed to my rescue, splinted me up and kindly allowed me to bleed profusely all over his smart BMW, as he rushed me off to the hospital, where unlike Humpty Dumpty, they were able to put me together again, in one long operation. I was fortunate perhaps that my arms took the brunt of the fall - but it is impossible to work with both arms in plaster and an inability to stay standing. I stayed in hospital for the best part of a week and was unable to work for the next five weeks.

I was profoundly grateful to PPS and still am today - the good part of this bad experience was knowing that I had PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit and Profmed Medical Scheme coverage. From day one, my assurance took complete care of all my financial needs - from paying hospitalisation, surgery and physio bills to my day-to-day expenses. My experience with PPS Insurance was hassle-free and truly exceptional - I didn't even need to prove loss of income in order to be paid.

Today, I am yet again a dedicated doctor, happy family man and I have been a loyal PPS policyholder for almost 40 years."

PPS testimonials
Karen Strydom

PPS Member

"My father was a successful GP in Pinetown, KZN, and had established a very good life for us in Westville. When I was 9 he and my mother died in less than tragic circumstances and left my two older siblings and me shell-shocked and reeling. We were left without a guardian and my mother's estate was bankrupt.

We were kept out of orphanages and the care of State Welfare, thanks to my father's PPS membership. His cash assets were transferred into the PPS Beneficiaries Trust, which for 14 years, ensured that we had enough money to live on and paid for our school fees and higher education. It enabled me to become a graduate professional and a PPS member in my own right.

My Dad can never be replaced. And I will always hold him in high regard because his care for us outlived his life. I see PPS as the executer of that care and I will always feel deeply moved when thinking of them."

PPS testimonials
Dr Mark Colin Human

PPS Member

"I am a successful Orthopaedic Surgeon with a private practice in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. I pride myself in providing a good life for my family and spending quality time with my children that will translate into lifelong memories. This is one of the reasons for our return to beautiful South Africa, from the United Kingdom.

My son and I both share a passion for rock climbing. As we were practicing a few tricks of the trade in one of our garden trees, I accidentally fell out of the tree and fractured eight vertebrae in my back. Realising that I was unable to work and earn an income, I was relieved to know that my financial needs were covered by the PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit, even while I lived and worked abroad.

My experience with PPS Insurance was hassle-free and truly remarkable. All I had to do was submit my completed claim form with a medical certificate from my doctor and within a week PPS reimbursed me for my time off work. It was as easy as that!"

PPS testimonials
Dr Prinsloo

PPS Member

PPS testimonials

PPS testimonials
Dr David Presbury

PPS member and ex-chairman of the PPS Holdings Trust Board

"I am very grateful to PPS for the 40 years of cover and confidence that they gave me. I have been in private practice as a medical doctor for 40 years and had the reassurance of cover for all that time. In fact, I had only one sickness benefit claim in my years as a PPS member but it is good to know that PPS was always there if something serious went wrong. On leaving, I calculated my final monthly contributions in risk premiums and compared them to my PPS Profit-Share Account, which was nearly three times my contributions over all those years. There is much to have been grateful for and I record my sincere thanks."