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The PPS Professional Life Provider is a stand-alone lump-sum benefit that pays out to the cessionary, nominated beneficiaries or estate should you pass away.

Suitable life stage

To ensure your family is provided for and are without debt should you pass away, the Professional Life Provider pay-out can be used to settle debts, provide for your remaining dependents and ensure liquidity in your estate.

The following optional benefits available:

Accelerated Professional Disability Benefit

  • A lump-sum benefit that accelerates (pays out) the life cover should you become occupationally disabled.

Accelerated Critical Illness Cover

  • A lump-sum benefit that accelerates (pays out) the life cover should you or your child suffer from a listed trauma, physical impairment or critical illness condition, paying out based on its severity level.

Add-on Accidental Death Benefit

  • A lump-sum benefit that pays out (additional to and in conjunction with the life cover) should you pass away due to an accident such as sustaining bodily injury caused by external, violent or accidental means or accidental drowning.

The following additional benefits are automatically included:

Immediate needs benefit

  • A lump-sum benefit of up to N$ 50 000 is payable to the nominated beneficiaries within two working days of the submission of a valid death certificate, should you pass away.

Terminal Illness benefit

  • Accelerates (pays out) 50% of the life cover sum assured if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and are likely to pass away within the next 12 months.