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The PPS Professional Disability Provider is a stand-alone lump-sum benefit that pays out should you become occupationally disabled.

Suitable life stage

The Professional Disability Provider's lump-sum pay-out may be used to fund workplace adaptations such as workstation set-up changes, property adaptations like modifying a vehicle or house for wheelchair access, assistive devices such as a wheelchair, or to settle debt to ensure you can remain independent and continue enjoying your possessions.

Key benefits

The PPS Professional Disability Provider offers a lump-sum benefit in the event of an occupational disability.

The following optional benefit is available:

  • Occupation Specific Rider Benefit - Your own specific nominated occupation is used to assess the disability.

The Severe Illness benefit conversion is automatically included:

  • From the age of 59, when you retire and no longer need occupational disability cover, the benefits may convert to a lump-sum severe illness benefit that pays out 100% when you suffer from one of the listed severe dread disease, trauma or physical impairment conditions.